Mexico Partnership Services facilitates connections between Texas A&M University and Mexican partners by offering the following services for one or both partners. Please contact us if you need additional information about any of these services or have questions about whether there is another service you may need but not listed below. For a PDF with the information from the list below, please click one of the following links:
Mexico Partnership Services -English
Mexico Partnership Services -Spanish 

Mexico Partnership Services Support

Utilizing Mexico Partnership Services allows Texas A&M University faculty and staff to apply for federal funding from Mexican agencies, ministries and research entities, such as CONACYT as well as other Mexican organizations who offer funding opportunities to Mexican entities. Mexico Partnership Services is registered with RENIECYT as a recognized organization to receive federal funding for research, academic collaboration and training.

Researchers applying for CONACYT funds can be required to obtain a CVU (Curriculum Vitae) number for CONACYT internal procedures. Learn how to get a CVU number.
Mexico Partnership Services can assist officials from Mexico and Texas A&M University to identify potential partners in fields of study and research, areas of training, and/or possible project collaboration. Search here for a list of potential Mexican partners by institution or search here by project.

Texas A&M researchers can check here for a list of Mexican governmental agencies. Please note, the information provided is in Spanish.
Establishment of banking accounts and support related to grant processing or operational funding for projects in Mexico, including account opening, reconciliations, closings and management. Obtain appropriate “vendor status” between Mexican clients, serve as intermediary for payment issues.
Provide accounting documentation for Mexico-based projects, including disbursement of funds, receive payments, process expenses for payment, reconcile accounts, calculate and pay taxes for services and/or employees, provide invoices to customers for services rendered including conference/workshop participation or project delivery. Provide preliminary budget support and fixed assets inventory control services in collaboration with project leaders.
Human resource management and support is available for hiring, paying and tracking of long- or short- term employment for personnel located in Mexico, complying with all local tax and employment laws.
Facilitate English to Spanish/Spanish to English translation of agreements, contracts and correspondence that supports partnership efforts.
Facilitate various types of assistance for projects and Mexico-based employees or short term visitors. Able to rent facilities, receive and process shipments, and provide access to office space with appropriate technology (digital, copier, fax) and supplies, subject to availability.
Under Mexican law, only certain types of organizations may accept donations, Mexico Partnership Services utilizes its approved status as a civil association to offer these services.  This allows for accepting of gifts of both financial and real property, including the acceptance of gifts of equipment which will be used in research or engagement partnerships.
Establish contracts with vendors and serve as intermediary to ensure required services; facilitate translations and assist in obtaining Mexican legal review for sufficiency, as needed.
Provide a physical address in Mexico for contact and connection with partners. Can also establish additional authorized locations in Mexico as needed for projects and initiatives including filing required records with fiscal authorities.
All contracts with partners must be reviewed by the corresponding Mexican and Texas A&M University parties for legal sufficiency, as appropriate. Mexico Partnership Services facilitates this process.

To leverage Mexico Partnership Services for your project or partnership, please contact us:
In the United States:
Dr. Suzanne Droleskey
Executive Director-Global Partnership Services
Department of Global Engagement | Division of Academic & Strategic Collaboration
In Mexico:
Ms. Teresa Olvera
Administrative Coordinator and Accountant
Mexico Partnership Services